Black Sun 2500 Speleo

Primary Speleo Diving Light 2500 lumen, 150 minutes burn time, LED powered with rechargeable batteries, full-aluminum body, Extra-Flex Speleo cable and fast-release system for the battery pack harness. Simply, Strong, Reliable. Made in Italy.

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> N° of LED: 3 CREE Led

> Power of the Diving Light: 2500 Lumen.

> Color Temperature: 6000° K.

> Total Burn time: 150 min (90 min at 100% power).

> Angle Beam: 12° (+6° / -6°)

> Cable: Super-Flex

> Power on/off: Rotating bezel on the head of the scuba diving light

> Body and Goodman Handle Material: Aluminum

> Battery Pack: Speleo with fast-realease of the battery pack

> Battery: Rechargeable Li-Ion (Charger included)

> Weight: 690 gr (outside the water)

> Max Depth: Each Diving Light is tested at 100 mt / 330 ft

Made in Italy

DiveSystem Black Sun 1500 Speleo Scuba Diving Light:

Black Sun 1500 Speleo Diving Light DiveSystem

Speleo Battery Pack assembly phase 1

Speleo Battery Pack assembly phase 2

Speleo Battery Pack assembly phase 3

Speleo Battery Pack assembly phase 4

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