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Mission, Men and Targets.
The Incursori of  X° Flottiglia MAS 
In recognition of the importance of the accomplished deeds, six  incursori  of three SLC:
SLC n° 1: Ten Vasc., Luigi Duran de LA PENNE - 2° Capo cl. Emilio BIANCHI.  SLC N° 2:  Cap. A.N. Vincenzo MARTELLOTTA - 2° Capo Mario MARINO.  SLC n° 3: Cap. GN Antonio MARCEGLIA - Pa Spartaco SCHERGAT   are decorated with the Gold Medal of Military Valor. 
The ex-Commander of HMS Valiant Battleship, the Commodore Sir. Charles Morgan, himself pins the medals on De La Penne and Bianchi during the ceremony in Taranto.

Assault craft
 Slow speed Torpedo  - Il Siluro a Lenta Corsa 
The building and the use of SLC diving assault craft were top secret. 
We aren't yet able to indicate the exact numbers of built models, even using the few traceable documents.  

Technical features
Model: Siluro a lenta corsa Serial Numbers: 221, 222, 223  Lenght: 7,30 mt. Cylinder diameter: 0,53 mt. Maximum Outline height and (operators included): about 1,30x0,90 mt.
Electric engine: 1,6 HP Maximum diving speed: 3 knots
Autonomy: 15 miles
Esplosive: 260-300 kg 
The means was equipped by two  trim cases , one at the bow and one astern. They were exhaustible by two electric pumps' maneuver. 

The Submersible Scirè
Launched on 6th January 1938. It was assigned to  X° Flottiglia MAS   and converted in  approaching  means of SLC. 
In August / September 1940 the submarine was modified for the new use: three hermetic cylinders were placed (one at the bow of the conning tower one astern, side by side) to contain as much SLC.
Lieutenant CommanderJunio Valerio Borghese was given command of the submariner . Tanks to Scirè,   X° Flottiglia MAS  made a famous series of operations, that culminate in the raid at Alexandria in Egypt port.

General features

Model : Submersible Class: Adua
 Lenght:  60,18 m Width:  6,45 m  Operative depth:  80 m  Enginers:  2 diesel  1400 CV total and 2 electric engines 800 CV total  Surface Speed: 14 knots 
Diving Speed: 7,5 knots  Diving autonomy: 2200 min at 14 knots  Armament   4 533 mm torpedo tubes at the bow
2 533 mm torpedo tubes astern
1 102/35 mm cannon (144 gunshots) 2 13,2 mm single machine guns 6 torpedoes 
England Battleships

HMS Queen Elizabeth  Model:  Naval battleship Class:  Queen Elizabeth   Pennant number:  00  General features
Displacement: 33.550 t Lenght: 196,6 m Width:  27,6 m  Draught:  9,2 m   Enginers:  24 × boilers at 285 psi maximum pressure, 4 × direct drive turbines, 4 × shafts, 75,000 shp at 300 rpm, 2 × oil driven 450 kW dynamos, 2 × turbine driven 200 Kw dynamos, 1 × reciprocating engine driven, 200 kW dynamo, 1 dynamo with 200 kW alternative engine  Speed:  24 knots (44,4 km/h)
Crew:  950-1300   Armament
8 × Mk I 15-inch/42 guns
16 x single Mk XII 6-inch guns
2 × single 3-inch anti-aircraft guns
4 × single 3-pdr (47 mm) saluting guns
4 × 21-inch (530 mm) submerged torpedo tubes
 HMS Valiant   Model:  Naval battleship Class:  Queen Elizabeth   Pennant number:  02    General features
Tonnage:  27.500 t   Lenght:  197 m   Width:  27,6 m   Draught:  8,8 m   Enginers:  24 boilers, steam turbines, 71,112 shp

8 × BL 15 inch Mk I
20 x QF 4.5-inch dual-purpose guns
32 QF 2-pounder anti-aircraft guns
2 × QF 3 inch 20 cwt A/A
4 × QF 3-pdr AA
4 × Submerged 21-inch torpedo tubes
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