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Navy Special Operators
The  incursore  is an exprienced swimmer, a diver, an skilful rock climber, an expert  in defense and survival techniques, a specialist in weapons' and explosives' use, a paratrooper and has the capacity to suffer every climatic and environmental condition.  
Their precursors' actions were directed above all to enemy battleship  that were at anchor in various Mediterranean ports. Today the Italian Navi  incursori  are trained and equipped to face different kinds of missions, against both naval and ground targets. 
COM.SUB.IN. (  Comando Subacquei ed Incursori ) is based in Varignano district, in Le Grazie nearby La Spezia and is ruled by an Admiral. 
The Operative  Incursori  Group ( G.O.I ), the Diving Operative Group ( G.O.S. ), il Submarine Parachute Assistance Group ( S.P.A.G ), the Special Naval Group (the Anteo ship, the Proteo ship and the two diving motorboats Pedretti and Marino belong to this group) and Research and Studies  Office (in charge of special equipment's development) are all parts of COMSUBIN. 
The  Incursori  Group represents one of the most famous and appreciated worldwide Special Forces unit. 
In Italy it's the depository of Naval incursions' experiences and capacities. 
For this reason it directly handles the operators, the equipments and the armament. 
Attacks to naval and merchant units in port and at anchor using different systems of contact and stand/off weapons;
Attacks to port and/or coast areas and civil and military infrastructures within 40 km from the coast;
Anti-terrorism naval operations oriented above all  to hostages' release, passengers' or merchant units and maritime installations; 
Infiltration and permanence in hostile territory for information missions and/or naval fire's support.
Recently  the  incursori  took part to different operations, even if the primary task remains the raid by sea.  
The most classic profile of the early stage of a raid: to arrive at a certain distance from the coast, after being  left  from a submarine of from a surface unit, to be landed on water with parachute, to dive with ropes or double ropes from a helicopter and to approach at safety distance to the target with surface means, swimming or diving. 
  Ground, hidden approach, quick action, removal and exit with one of the listed systems, if possible at considerable distance from the target to limit the  interception's risks: these are the following stages of an action against a coast target. 
The intervention against a surface ship is different: it consists in the forcing of the enemy naval base. We come back to historical missions of the Second  World War  Incursori , with the difference of the enormous defensive means' and instruments' evolutions  .
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