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The Raid on Alexandria
On 14th December the Submariner  Scirè, under the command of  lieutenant Junio Valerio Borghese, headed straight for the Egyptian coast. The attack was expected for the night between 18th and 19th December. 
The three SLC ( Slow speed Torpedo ) were piloted by two men of the crew each. They forced the base to head for their targets, crossing Alexandria great defences' port.
The crew Luigi Durand de La Penne - Emilio Bianchi on SLC n.221 directed at HMS Valiant battleship.
As soon as the operators placed the means under the bottom, they were carried up the battleship and locked up in a compartment under the water line. The aim was to convince them to reveal the explosive's position. 
At 05:50 AM La Penne warns Admiral Cunningham to evacuate the crew. At 06:00 AM  the explosion destroys  the battleship bottom.  Vincenzo Martellotta and Mario Marino, on SLC n.222, accomplished their attack on Sagona tanker. 
 Antonio Marceglia and Spartaco Schergat on SLC n.223, attacked HMS Queen Elizabeth battleship and hooked on the explosive head of their torpedo. Then they landed and were able to go away from Alexandria. But they were captured the day after. 
The Italian raid cost to English as a lost naval battle and was kept secret long. 
The port's low floor allowed the battleships to lean on, keeping the ships in apparent sailing condition. 
For the 1st time since the conflict's beginning, the Italian fleet was superior than the British one, that was without any battleship left.  
At the end of the war, the six  incursori  were decorated with the Gold Medal of Military Valor. 
The ex-Commander of HMS Valiant battleship, the Commodore Sir. Charles Morgan, himself pins the medals on  incursori  La Penne and Bianchi during the ceremony in Taranto.
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