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DiveSystem Atelier: Remote Measure
Your Made to Measure suit. As like you would be in DiveSystem.

What is the DiveSystem Atelier: Remote Measure.
You take the Pictures. We take the Measures. Simply. Brilliant.

If you have not been trained by Dive System you cannot know how to take the right measures to let us manufacture a perfect "made to measure" dive suit.

So we will take your measures form your the pictures!.

The DiveSystem Atelier: Remote Measure, will guide you taking the pictures we need.
So we would check the way you placed the tape measure to be sure
to manifacture a perfect "made to measure" dive suit.

You will send us the pictures, not the numbers (we will do the math!) .

Amazing, didn't it?

Made to Measure by DiveSystem. Over 20 years of experience.
Proudly Made in Italy in DiveSystem.