The Abyss Circles Mystery: Gombessa 6 Mission.

Hundreds of rings - up to 30 mt wide - formed with no apparent reason, discovered on the stretch of white sand in the deep waters between France and Italy.

Gombessa 6

Red pebbles forming hundreds of rings - perfect circles with diameter up to 30mt - on the white sand in the waters between France and Italy. What are they doing there? This is the mystery that Laurent Ballesta intends to solve with the GOMBESSA 6 mission. A team formed by professional scuba divers, biologists, camera operators and assisted by the French Navy. Four saturation divers spending weeks at a depth of 120mt in the waters of Cap Corse, located off the shores of Corsica.

Gombessa 6 Mission will be turned into a documentary (coming soon). In the meantime you can follow the mission on Facebook, YouTube and at the end of this page. Gombessa 6 main sponsors: Blancpain and Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco.

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The Dry-suit chosen for the expedition is the DiveSystem SOLO N - completely red.

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going" and SOLO N is perfect for the demanding dives that Gombessa team has to experience.

    • It's Incompressible.
      The 2mm H.D. latest technology neoprene used for the SOLO N is incompressible. 2mm on the surface and 2mm at a depth of 120mt, even if you are a saturation diver, working at that depth for weeks.

    • It's Durable and Flexible.
      Reinforced with Supratex and Kevlar (shoulders and knees) SOLO N has a superb abrasion resistance and its flexibility ensures freedom of movement. Because when you work at a depth of 120mt, knowing that you can rely on your dry suit it's a big deal.

    • Thermal Insulation.
      Due to the thermal insulation offered by neoprene you can use a lighter undersuit - compared to the one used for trilaminate. Thermal comfort is everything, for both mind and body.

  • It's an actual Technical Dry-Suit.
    Solo N does everything a technical dry-suit is supposed to do; the position of the zipper, the tailored cut and the incompressible fabric used for the suit allow you to maintain the correct trim in the water. Always 2mm, regardless of the depth change: 2mm on the surface, 2mm at a depth of 120mt.

The SOLO N made for the GOMBESSA expedition is special … only in the color.
The SOLO N Dry-suits used by the four saturation divers of the team are not "special". They are completely red, with the names of the main sponsors of the expedition - Blancpain and Fondation Prince Albert II de Monaco - written on it. Other than that they are standard SOLO N, already perfect.
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