Tech Fin

The Best Fin for Technical diving. Designed for Frog kicking best performances. The Tech Fins are specifically made to be used with a Dry Suit, made in heavy rubber to improve your trim, big open heel foot pocket to fit the boot of the Dry Suit and Stainless Steel spring with neoprene cover for best durability. Made in Italy, in DiveSystem.

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99,99 €

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159,99 €

> Blade in 100% Rubber (56cm x 25cm)

> Stainless Steel Spring with Neoprene Cover

> Weight: +/- 1525 gr (single fin)

This Fins are Made in Italy, in DiveSystem

DiveSystem Tech Fin:

Tech Fin

Tech Fin production in Italy 1

Tech Fin production in Italy 2

Tech Fin production in Italy 3

DiveSystem Tech Fin

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