HazDry (CWD and Hazmat)

Engineered for maximum efficiency in Contaminated Water (CWD) and Hazmat (hazardous material) scenarios.

Built to meet stringent professional diving standards, its robust construction offers unparalleled durability and protection.

The exterior polyurethane, designed for rapid decontamination, ensures efficient and easy removal of chemicals.

Precision-crafted for tactical & military diving operations.

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Chemical and biological resistant polyurethane (Red or Black).

Easy to clean and decontaminate Exterior tape welded seams + Internal 3 layers of heavy duty polymer seams (Aquasure) or both exterior and internal tape welded seams.

Designed with reduced number of seams to minimize welding points.

Reinforced knee pad (double layer of sealed polyurethane).

Standard fitted SI-Tech neck ring
SI-Tech user-replaceable Hood/Neck Seal

Standard fitted SI-Tech wrist ring
SI-Tech user-replaceable H.D. wrist seals

Contaminated Water Diving Exhaust Valve (CWD)
Dual Exhaust Valve and standard inlet inflation valve.

Zipper: T-Zip (PU)

Standard fitted attached vulcanized Heavy Duty Boots with Neoprene inner lining.

Adjustable suspenders

Included accessories: LP inflator hose, drysuit bag

Made in Italy in DiveSystem

DiveSystem chooses the correct size for you. And we are 100% sure to guess it!

We send you at home the size that we think will fit you. Plus the slightly bigger size one and the slightly smaller one: DiveSystem Dummy Box.

Dummy Box Slide
Do you want a fantastic Italian-made DiveSystem Dry Suit but you are not sure about your size? No problem. First, you try all the sizes that you want then we make your drysuit. We take care of everything, you have just to suit up your undergarment and try our Dummy-Suits to find your size. Here's how it works: :

> Choose your Dry Suit and select "Dummy-Box" as the size.

> Wait to be contacted by email by DiveSystem customer care, who will ask your height, weight, foot number to find out the best sizes of Dummy-Suits to send to you.

> We send you one or more Dummy-Suit with express courer that you can try with your undergarment.
What a Dummy-Suit is? well, it is like a Dry Suit, but with no dry seals and with special made neck, wrists and, zipper to be super quick and easy to dress up. The Dummy-Suit dresses exactly like your future DiveSystem Dry Suit.

DiveSystem for Militaries and Special Forces: Italian Navy SPAG in Action
> Try the Dummy-Suits and choose your size. Then put back all the Dummy-Suit in the box same box you received them in. Our Express courier will be back to pick up the Dummy-Box.
DiveSystem for Militaries and Special Forces: Italian Navy SPAG in Action
> Done. Now we are sure about your size and we can produce your new DrySuit.

That's easy, right?

The Dummy Box service is FREE in Europe when you buy a DiveSystem Dry Suit!
* A shipping fee will be applied for extra-EU and remote islands. If you want to use the Dummy Box Service in an extra-EU country or if you live on a remote island, please ask export@divesystem.com before purchasing.

DiveSystem Suit size Chart.
Units: cm and kg


DiveSystem Suit size Chart.
Units: cm and kg


DiveSystem® Made to Measure, since 1993.

You take the Pictures. We take the Measures. Simply. Brilliant, 100% sure.

DiveSystem can make your Made to Measure Dry Suit taking your measures remotely.
But if you have not been trained by DiveSystem you cannot know how to take the right measures to let us manufacture a perfect "made to measure" Dry Suit.

How can we can be sure that the measures you sent are 100% right?
Simply because we will take your measures directly from the pictures you will send us.
DiveSystem AMde to Measure Dry Suits: Remote Made to MeasureThe DiveSystem Atelier: Remote Measure, will guide you taking the pictures we need.
We would check the way you placed the tape measure to be sure to manufature a perfect "made to measure" Dry Suit.

You will send us the pictures, not the numbers (we will do the math!) .

Amazing, didn't it?

DIveSystem Made to Measure Dry Suits: Remote Made to Measure DIveSystem AMde to Measure Dry Suits: Remote Made to Measure

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