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Your "Made to Measure" dive suit.

As you would be in DiveSystem®.

If you have not been trained by Dive System you cannot know how to take the right measures to let us manufacture a perfect "made to measure" dive suit.

How can we can be sure that the measures are right?

Simply because we will take your measures directly from the pictures you will send us!

  • Go to DiveSystem® Atelier: Remote Measure website -> Click here

  • Use the step-by-step tutorial to send us the 23 pictures we need to realise your dive suit.

  • Buy your dive suit [Made to Measure] from the dedicated category in the DiveSystem® Store Click here

Don't worry, we will check all your pictures to be sure to manufacture a perfect "Made to Measure" dive suit.

Amazing, didn't it?

Inizia ad usare il DiveSystem Atelier: Remote Measure

Made to Measure by DiveSystem®. Over 20 years of experience.

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outlet DiveSystem

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