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Who is DiveSystem

DiveSystem® was founded in 1993 in a area surrounded by green and silence and just a few kilometres from the sea in Tuscany (Italy).
Directly oversees project development, production and marketing of all our products from one single structure of 2.500 m2

DiveSystem factory photo

All DiveSystem® products
(Dry suits, Bcds, Dive Computers, Torches, Fins and Undergarments)
are proudly produced in Italy
within DiveSystem® premises.


DiveSystem's Story

DiveSystem manufacture Dry suits, Bcds and rubber Fins since 1993.

Since 1999 DiveSystem® is the official diving equipment supplier of the major Italian military and elite corps.
DiveSystem company has a NATO certification (NCAGEAF 435) enabling to sup­ply its products to the Armed Forces of all countries within the Atlantic Alliance.
At present, DiveSystem® is the supplier of national and international military forces.


In 2007 DiveSystem® created the DiveSystem Electronic Division.
An unique research centre in the diving world, an electronic division completely inside the company that designs, develops and produce his amazing products.
Composed by engineers, researchers and lab technicians, DiveSystem Electronic Division cooperates with several national and international research institutes such as DAN Research, CNR of the University of Pisa, University of Calabria and Istituto Superiore Sant'Anna.

In 2010 Dive System acquired Mediving Accessories. Mediving is the supplier of OEM small accessories for most scuba brands.

In 2012 DiveSystem® founded the DiveSystem Medical Lab: an in-house ambulatory, realized in collaboration with AMSEI (Hyperbaric and Underwater Medical Association).
The ambulatory is authorized to issue certification for OTS DMAC / EDTC med with respect of the requirements dictated by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), and performs certification in diving medicine for recreational and technical divers.

The DiveSystem Medical Lab co-operates with the DiveSystem Electronic Division for specific tests and experiments related to the physiology of diving decompression algorithms with the support of DiveSystem iDive watch computers, Orca and Furyo computers.

In 2013 DiveSystem® Store project has begun.
Even the DiveSystem Store has been realised entirely inside DiveSystem structure, creating a specific department for the project (called DiveSystem Web Division).
Successfully tested in Italy, from 2014 the DiveSystem® Store is also available for European customers.


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