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video dive system
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DiveSystem for Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay.

The scuba equipments used to bring the Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch into Lake Baikal are Made in Italy in DiveSystem.

Extracto from an interview at Paolo Zazzeri, DiveSystem CEO.
What are the peculiarities of this dry suit?
Working very close to several Italian and European Military Special Forces, we are used to create very peculiar products. The fact of making directly in the same place (in Italy) all our equipment, allows us to better combine the maximum quality and the maximum flexibility in manufacturing our products. The dry suit we have created for Sochi Olympic Games has not particular technical characteristics. All our products are made to face the extreme conditions that Olympic dry suits have had to face for several years! The main peculiarity of Olympic products we have created (we have also realised two different kind of fins) is the very characteristic Khokhloma printing. We took advantage of the support of several local manufacturers to apply to neoprene the particular printing as well as the Olympic logo. It has been a very hard work but the final effect is spectacular.

When did the project start?
The project started thanks to Dive System Russian importer Three Dimensions in June 2013. They put us in touch with the Olympic Committee to make the particular gear needed to bring the Olympic Torch of Sochi Olympic Games 2014, which will take place on Baikal lake.

Special interests in Russia
Making products dedicated to the Olympic Games make me and my staff feel really proud; it seems to us like having won an Olympic medal! I think this opportunity has given to Dive System a big prestige both in Russia and worldwide. Dive System has been present in the Russian market for over 10 years with our distributor Three Dimensions and we think the Russian market is one of the most expanding market in the world and, above all, one of those markets where "made in Italy" is particularly appreciated. For this reason, we see a great development possibility for Dive System with innovative products like the new series of watch computers iDive with combined gas mix analyser O2 and helium and with high design products such as dry suits and bcd. It seems unbelievable in this period of globalization and outsourcing but, both electronics (watch computer iDive) and the rest of our production (dry suits, bcd and fins)are strictly made in Italy and inside DiveSystem.

Dive system past experiences?
It has been since 1993, the year of Dive System establishment, that we manufacture dry suits; so, we have an over 20 year experience. Later, after having acquired more and more skills, we begun to make directly our own complete range of products for scuba diving, which includes dry suits, computers as well as BCD, fins and lights. Dive System is a beautiful company inside which both skilled tailors and electronic engineers coexist. It seems unbelievable but that's what it is.

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