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Challenger K (Full Kevlar)

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Super Resistant, Reliable, Simple. The Challenger K full Kevlar is the Dry Suit chosen by the Italian Police. Made with technologically advanced materials such as 3,5 mm H.D. Neoprene with Full Kevlar® outer lining and, for the areas of greatest wear, an extra Kevlar® layer.

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> High density 3,5 mm Neoprene, with Kevlar® outer lining.
Superb resistance to pressure, the thickness of the Neoprene does not change with depth

> Double-reinforced pads in Kevlar® on knees (a Kevlar® layer over a Kevlar® Layer).

Sealed on the inside with heavy duty polymer, Aquasure®

Neck and wrists: Neoprene (Latex or silicone on demand)
Socks: H.D. Neoprene, Supratex® outer lining (Boots on demand)

Shoulder-entry Bronze zipper, protected by safety flap.
Adjustable internal suspenders (on demand)

Swivel inflate valve with no-protruding button.
Adjustable and automatic exhaust valve

Two bellows side pockets

This Dry Suit is Ready-to-Dive:
Separated neoprene hood (included)
Bag for dry suit (included)
Quick connect LP hose (included)
Speleo-boots (included)

This Dry Suit is Made in Italy, in DiveSystem

Strong points:
> Extreme Resistance
> Good mobility
> Thermal insulation

DiveSystem Neoprene Dry Suit: Challenger K (Full Kevlar):


Challenger K in action

Challenger K in action

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