Aquaculture and Aquafarming

A range of products made for the Aquaculture Professionals, developed with the collaboration of the fishing operators, who have to get into the water every day.

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    The Solo Polluce 50/50 is developed with the collaboration of the fishing operators. This suit combines materials with different thickness in order to satisfy the needs of specialized professionals.

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    Breathable Dry suit, created for the activities on the surface. Upper part made with breathable fabrics to ensure maximum comfort. Lower part made with reinforced materials to ensure durability.

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  • 869,99 €

    The first choice of all the Military Special Forces supplied by DiveSystem. Extremely Resistant and Adaptable the Tech Deep BCD can use all DiveSystem wing-style air cells (Donut and Horseshoe), Backplates (Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon), can be used for both Single and Double-tank, and for any kind of dive. From Technical to Recreational dive. The...

    869,99 €
  • 770,00 €

    X3M Mod is DiveSystem best technical BCD. Simple, Modular, Comfortable, Strong and Reliable. Minimal configuration with adjustable shoulder straps without any seam or release. Compatible with all wing-style air cell, both Donut and Horseshoe.

    770,00 €
  • 399,99 € 599,99 €

    +2 POCKETS for FREE. The Fly Tech is the perfect combination of a recreational and a technical BCD. Wing Style air cell, weight-dedicated pockets on the back and lightweight. Made with Cordura 1000 with Flat-Felled seams (Double sewed) for the best Resistance. Made in Italy, in DiveSystem.

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    The Best Fin for Technical diving. Designed for Frog kicking best performances. The Tech Fins are specifically made to be used with a Dry Suit, made in heavy rubber to improve your trim, big open heel foot pocket to fit the boot of the Dry Suit and Stainless Steel spring with neoprene cover for best durability. Made in Italy, in DiveSystem.

    159,99 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items