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Made in Italy in DiveSystem, since 1993. Handmade tradition, experience, best quality materials and attention to details. This is the way we made our Wing style BCDs. Looking for the best reliability, performances, and safety. Not for nothing DiveSystem BCDs are chosen and trusted by the Best Military and Special Forces in Italy, Europe, and Worldwide.

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  • Lightweight, resistant and colorful, you will love the Key J BCD. 18 lt Wing-style BCD, stainless steel D-rings and double buckle for single tank. Our best BCD for traveling, made with the best Italian quality and style.

  • The best mix between a Technical and a Lightweight Traveling BCD. Full-size backplate for the best performances, in light aluminum or super-light Carbon fiber, Quick Adjust and Release System for the best comfort, fits men and women body perfectly and is equipped with a Donut air cell with fantastic and bright colors.Made to be lightweight, comfortable...

  • The Fly Tech is the perfect combination of a recreational and a technical BCD. Wing Style air cell, weight-dedicated pockets on the back and lightweight. Made with Cordura 1000 with Flat-Felled seams (Double sewed) for the best Resistance. Made in Italy, in DiveSystem.

  • Excellent under every aspect. Super Tough: Cordura 1000, reinforced seams and Stainless Steel "Pagoda trap" safety system.Ultra light, but it can become heavy: only 2,5 kg without the plates. You can mount the technical full-size Plate whenever you want.Extremely comfortable: One size fits all. With 50mm quick release buckles.The Soft Back Plate...

  • The first choice of all the Military Special Forces supplied by DiveSystem. Extremely Resistant and Adaptable the Tech Deep BCD can use all DiveSystem wing-style air cells (Donut and Horseshoe), Backplates (Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Carbon), can be used for both Single and Double-tank, and for any kind of dive. From Technical to Recreational dive. The...

  • A traditional BCD made to last a lifetime. Cordura 1000 outer shell and stainless steel D-Rings. Made in Italy, in DiveSystem.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items